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Applying for Jobs and the Agile Job Search

I’ve written before about how I approach recruitment and I’ve even given a talk on it, but recently I’ve been on the other side looking for my next role. There are some parts of my own recruitment process I will definitely … Continue reading

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When People Leave

I’ve talked a lot about recruitment and hiring people in the first place, but what about when people leave? How you deal with people when they leave, and in particular during their notice period, can have a big impact on … Continue reading

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Recruitment Talk

I’ve written a few times about recruitment.  In particular you can read what I had to say on Job Applications and Interviews.  There are even some amusing stories from my Interviews. This time I’d like to share a talk I … Continue reading

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Progress – Part 2 (How things are now)

Last time we looked at how things used to be within my development team.  This time, let’s look at how things are now and some of the improvements that have been made. We now have 3 broad teams of developers, … Continue reading

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Changing Managers

As part of a very successful and growing company it has been interesting to observe and be part of the changes that have taken place. When I first became Software Development Manager I had responsibility for all aspects of our … Continue reading

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Interview Anecdotes

I thought I’d capture a few of the funnier things that have happened in the interviews I’ve conducted.  It is quite amazing what people will say under pressure!  This isn’t meant to come across as laughing at other’s misfortune, but … Continue reading

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Following on from my last post on applying for jobs, this one discusses the interview process. Firstly, something that continues from the application process is the desire for success.  I don’t like seeing the candidate fail.  I really want to … Continue reading

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Job Applications

I’ve been doing some recruiting recently and have been disappointed with the standard of many of the applicants.  I thought I’d offer some guidance as to the things I would expect as a minimum from anyone applying for a job. … Continue reading

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