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We’re All in Sales

It is often said that everyone who works at a company is in sales, and there is some truth in that.  Every time you interact with someone outside of your company you represent your company.  You are being evaluated, and … Continue reading

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The Twilight Hour

I never consciously knew this existed until recently, but now I’m aware of it I see it all the time.  The actual time of the Twilight Hour varies from organization to organization, from team to team and even from day … Continue reading

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When People Leave

I’ve talked a lot about recruitment and hiring people in the first place, but what about when people leave? How you deal with people when they leave, and in particular during their notice period, can have a big impact on … Continue reading

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Planning Genius or Stupidity?

Here’s a little story of a project I was recently involved in. I always enjoy the chance to watch and learn from other people’s work, so with an external Project Manager I was looking forward to this one. Things started … Continue reading

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Staff Appraisals

It’s that time of year where I need to appraise all my staff and present recommendations to the board on any adjustments to their job roles and salaries.  I thought I’d use this post to collect my thoughts on how … Continue reading

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Thoughts behind Project Management Alchemy

I had intended this follow up to Project Management Alchemy to be written a little quicker than it has been.  However, my work has taken me on a couple of foreign trips (to Copenhagen and New York) and my free time … Continue reading

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Essential Listening 1

Following on from my reading list, here are the podcasts I listen to: Hanselminutes – Scott Hanselman talks tech.  He keeps it fairly lightweight and doesn’t get too deep in programming jargon.  The audio is good quality and he gets … Continue reading

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