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Software Develpment and Customer Support

Here’s something that has bothered me for a while – being able to manage a software team which involves keeping on track with new developments whilst still supporting our existing customers. First, a quick look at the history of the … Continue reading

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The State of Project Management

As software project managers we have a reputation for delivering poor quality products, finishing late or over running our budget. Is this because as project managers we are deficient in some way, or is it the nature of our projects … Continue reading

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Changing Managers

As part of a very successful and growing company it has been interesting to observe and be part of the changes that have taken place. When I first became Software Development Manager I had responsibility for all aspects of our … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Projects

I’ve recently had the opportunity to be part of two similar projects each being run using a different methodology. Both projects ran for a year, with the second project a continuation of the first. Let’s look at the various aspects … Continue reading

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Thoughts behind Project Management Alchemy

I had intended this follow up to Project Management Alchemy to be written a little quicker than it has been.  However, my work has taken me on a couple of foreign trips (to Copenhagen and New York) and my free time … Continue reading

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Project Management Alchemy

In this post I wanted to share some of the magic tricks I’ve picked up over the years that can help turn even the worst projects into golden triumphs.  In this day of software development and virtual worlds we can … Continue reading

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