Hello world!

Ok, lets get this first post out of the way – Hello World!

This blog will be used to collect together my thoughts and useful resources on all things related to creating software.  This includes the:

  • Technical stuff; both hardware and software
  • Processes involved with creating software
  • Dealing with people; both as part of the software team and outside the team.

I hope that by pulling together my thoughts into this single location I’ll be able to form a complete philosophy or “guide book” to creating software successfully.

In my next post I’ll start revealing some of the resources on the Internet that have influenced my thinking over the years.


About Big_GH

Currently employed as a Software Development Consultant with over 30 years experience with computing. Started writing BASIC programs on the Commodore VIC 20, C64 and Amiga before switching to C and C++. Now spends more time helping others with their software and looking after the "bigger picture".
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